Haptics is a vigorous emerging research field involving an unusually rich mixture of disciplines. A new journal is now nescessary as a focal point for this field. Although haptics research is being actively published in existing journals, there are cases where the significance of research is being misjudged by reviewers who lack an understanding of the full context of haptics.

At the same time, while there is increasing cost pressure on libraries, readers, and forests, technology is making possible a revolution in communication. The technologies of the WWW are now so widespread and well supported, that an online journal available to everyone in the world with computer access is a realistic option.

Haptics-e is a rigorously reviewed, scientific and engineering journal of the science and technology behind haptic interaction between humans and computers. It will be created as a volunteer service by a team of editors and reviewers using widespread www technology for the submission, review, and publication of manuscripts submitted by researchers in a variety of disciplines reporting the latest scientific and technological knowledge of haptics.

Haptics-e is technically co-sponsored by The IEEE Robotics and Automation Society.

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