Version 1.1


Intellectual Property Policy


"Intellectual Property" in this document means ownership of and rights to use the papers accepted for publication in in Haptics-e.

Haptics-e will not own the copyrights to any works it publishes. Instead, it will obtain permission to publish and distribute the work from its authors who will retain copyright. Haptics-e will also obtain permission to grant certain rights to its readers and to reserve certain rights from the readers which will be retained by Haptics-e and the authors. In other words, of all the rights held by the creators of the work, the creators will grant a sub-set to Haptics-e, and Haptics-e will grant a further sub-set to the readers.

Before publication of any work, Haptics-e will obtain signatures from the authors on the following statement:

[Copyright Form]

Also Haptics-e will post the following policy statement for its readers: [Terms of Use]