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Haptics-e is a new, electronic, peer-reviewed, journal of research in the science and engineering of haptic perception and human machine interaction. Haptics-e aspires to combine the high quality, wide availability, and archival retention of traditional scientific journals with the speed and economy of electronic distribution. Accordingly, Haptics-e seeks high quality, rigorous papers of interest to the scientific and engineering community in several disciplines.

All papers will be published on-line without charge to readers or authors. Articles will be published as soon as review is completed. We expect to be able to publish papers within 5 days of final acceptance. Our editorial process will be expedited to the fullest extent possible, in order to achieve our goal of rapid dissemination of the highest quality work in the field of haptics.

Information on the organization of the Journal, its Governing Board, Editorial Board, and Constitution, and Copyright policy are available on the Masthead Page. Haptics-e is technically co-sponsored by The IEEE Robotics and Automation Society. Links with other professional societies are currently under negotiation.

Topics of Interest

Haptics-e will consider papers on the following topics as they relate to haptics. Haptics-e will not consider papers which primarily address:

Information for Authors

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