Information for Authors

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NEW: Categories of Contributions

Authors may contribute material to Haptics-e in two forms: Papers are intended for significant contributions to the research field of haptics. Scope, significance, and quality are expected to be comparable to articles published in high quality peer-reviewed journals in engineering, psychology, human factors, or physical sciences. Unless justified by special circumstances, papers must be limited to 20 pages (according to formatting rules below).

Short Papers are intended for smaller contributions which authors think will be of interest to Haptics-e readers, but which are not of the scope or significance of full papers. Short papers are limited to 6 pages (in the format below).

Both categories of contributions will be reviewed by at least three annonymous reviewers selected from among experts and knowledgeble researchers in the field. Each volumne of Haptics-e may contain both regular and short papers. Both will be indicated in the table of contents by volume, number, and date of publication. Short papers will have the term "(short paper)" after the title, and/or may be listed in a separate section of the table of contents for the volume.

Document Style and Formatting

Since Haptics-e papers will be distributed electronically, they must be prepared in what is usually called "camera ready" form. Final stylistic guidelines are now being developed. As of now, manuscripts will be reviewed which are formatted as follows:


We are still collecting opinions on 1 vs 2 columns. Right now all submitted papers have been single col. Any opinions out there?

Proposed Document Format Standard

Jim Troy ( has updated the draft formal style definition [DRAFT STANDARD]. We currently need volunteers to generate templates for Latex and MS Word. If you would like to contribute a style sheet / template/ macro header for your favorite program, please contact Jim.

Submission and Review Process

To be eligible for review by Haptics-e, a manuscript must not have been previously published elsewhere nor be under review elsewhere. The editor and reviewers of Haptics-e will keep all submitted manuscripts off-line and confidential until accepted. The reviewers will be anonymous and their recommendations will be confidential. Some or all comments from the reviewers may be made available to the authors at the discretion of the editor for the purpose of helping to improve revisions of the manuscript or explaining an editorial decision.

Online Submission After a period of testing, we have begun to use an on-line system for handling submitted papers. The on-line system (open-source software courtesy of the Public Knowledge Project) requires authors to register. Please also register as a reviewer!

click to [Submit a Paper].

You will need to register as a user first (see the REGISTER link at bottom of page). Please also register as a reviewer. Thank you. Important: After submitting the paper, please send an email to the editor ( blake --at sign-- ) so that we can check for proper receipt of the manuscrpt.


Prior to publication, you must print out the [Copyright Agreement], sign it and mail it by postal mail to the above address. Alternatively, it may be faxed to the editor at 1-206-221-5264. No paper will be published the Haptics-e without the signed Copyright form.

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Review: See the Instructions for Reviewers.
Revised 6-Aug-2004 Blake Hannaford