Haptics-e: Reviewing and Acceptance Guidelines

Procedure: All manuscripts are now submitted through the on-line Open Journal System paper processing system. Reviewers will receive an email invitation containing instructions, a user ID and a password. Reviewers should log into the system , and click the [Can do the review] button to indicate they accept the review assignment. Please log in and click the button even if you have sent an email accepting the assignment.

Haptics scholars who would like to review manuscripts for Haptics-e are encouraged to log in and register as a reviewer. Please enter keywords for your research interests (separated by semicolons) so that the editor can match you with appropriate papers.

Submitted manuscripts will be treated as confidential by the editors and reviewers of Haptics-e. The Editor will assign reviewers to read the manuscript and make recommendations on the quality of the paper. The editor will then decide on acceptability on the basis of the reviews. Our aim is that the review process will take 30 days or less, not counting time spent by authors in revisions. However, it should be understood that this is a target figure and no guarantee is implied.

Criteria for Acceptance

Papers to be published in Haptics-e will be judged by the highest standards of scientific and engineering research. In particular, papers published in Haptics-e must describe original work which significantly advances the state of knowledge or technology over previously reported work. All accepted papers must carefully review the relevant prior literature and explain the significance of the reported study in the context of the work which has been publicly reported before by others. Experimental methods must be reported in sufficient detail and with sufficient accuracy to enable others to reproduce the results.


Reviewers should specifically address the points above as well as other relevant information in their reviews. All reviews must include justification of their conclusions and specific feedback to the authors. Reviews without justification (e.g. "Accept!") will not be considered in the editorial process and will necessitate seeking additional reviews. In pointing out flaws in manuscripts, reviewers must endeavour to provide some corrective guidance to authors. For example, reviewers must be specific about literature which may be overlooked by the authors.

Reviews should be entered into the on-line system using your login and password. Email, fax or other communication may be used if absolutely necessary [Address/Fax].

Editorial Decisions

After review, the editor will communicate one of the following decisions to the author:
  1. Accepted as is. In this case the paper will be published by Haptics-e on-line as soon as the signed copyright permission form is received by physical mail or fax.
  2. Accepted pending revisions. The paper will be accepted if the authors submit a revised manuscript which, in the opinion of the editor, address the issues raised in the editors communication to the author.
  3. Revisions - Additional Review Required. The reviewers have identified significant problems in the manuscript. If the authors submit a revised manuscript which addresses the problems, it will be re-reviewed.
  4. Rejected. The problems identified by the reviewers were serious enough that the manuscript will not be considered further in its present form.

Revised 7-July-2004